10 NEW Things for our NEW studio

5000 square feet! Our new space is going to be almost 2.5 times what our current space is. With all that additional space you might be wondering what is going to be NEW and different... 1.) A third studio - A third studio will give us the flexibility to add classes, new programs and more. Plus,... Continue Reading →


Behind The Move – Ashwood Architectural, PC

You may have heard that danceability is moving....THIS FALL! Our 2018-2019 dance year will start a few weeks later than usual, on October 1st, 2018, in our NEW space. We are moving just down the block to 2365 George Urban Boulevard in the former home of Eileen's Floral Shoppe. It's a big change for our... Continue Reading →

The Family Reimbursement Program 

Many of our dancers are eligible to receive service coordination through a social service agency such a People Inc., Aspire etc.  One of the benefits of having a Service Coordinator for your dancer is that this person is tasked with helping your family navigate the sometimes confusing road to various government and social service agencies that... Continue Reading →

What is danceability?

To put it simply, danceability is a non-profit dance studio for children and adults with special needs in Western New York. However, if you were to ask the dancers, families, instructors and volunteers, danceability is so much more! We decided it was time to create this blog, The danceability Difference, to showcase the stories we... Continue Reading →

STAY TUNED: Blog Launch – 9/3/14

We are excited to announce that we are launching our blog on Wednesday, September 3rd! From there, we will be posting as many Wednesdays as we can (hopefully weekly!) Want to follow along?  You can receive each week's blog in your e-mail inbox by clicking on the "follow" button to the right and signing up! This blog... Continue Reading →

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