Inside Miss Michelle’s classes

Meet Miss Michelle. In her second year of teaching, Miss Michelle teaches our dancers with sensory needs. Prior to joining the teaching staff, Miss Michelle volunteered in the classes she now teaches. We asked Miss Michelle to give us a look at what goes on inside the Sensory Room. Here's what she had to say:... Continue Reading →


Getting to know Miss Amanda S.

This year, we added Miss Amanda to our teaching staff. She teaches on Wednesday nights and also has been a great fill-in substitute for both Miss Robin & Miss Christine when they were out on their maternity leaves. We wanted you to get to know Miss Amanda better so we asked her about her dance... Continue Reading →

Meet The Teachers!

As we kick off our 10th year, we wanted to take a few minutes to introduce you to this year's teaching staff. We were sad to say goodbye to two teachers this past year, Miss Megan and Miss Kylie, but we are thrilled to welcome three new teachers, Miss Kathryn, Miss Sarah and Miss Amanda... Continue Reading →

Inside Miss Kayleigh’s classes

We are back with another chance to go inside the studio with one of our new teachers, Miss Kayleigh! Learn about her transition from volunteer to teacher and hear how her performances dances are coming along! ---------------- What age levels do you teach? My dancers are age 18 and up! I teach two classes on... Continue Reading →

Inside Miss Megan’s classes

Now that our new danceability instructors have had a handful of months under their belts, we reached out to them to see what's going on inside their classes. This month, check out what has been going on inside Miss Megan's classes and how she has enjoyed the transition from classroom volunteer to dance teacher! ---------... Continue Reading →

Adventures in Costume Shopping…

Our dancers wear great costumes.  We choose to not use costume companies, feeling that their designs are overpriced and not suitable for our dancers’ specific needs.  Because of this, our teachers work hard scouring traditional clothing stores to find clothing items that can be used as costumes (and in most cases, used again after the... Continue Reading →

Shape Up With Fitness Frenzy!

Dance and movement have always been at the center of what we do at danceability. A few years ago, Miss Christine D., decided it was time to add fitness into our programming. Sure, dancing is good exercise, but Miss Christine wanted to offer a new option, a little more challenging workout, that focused on building... Continue Reading →

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