Meet Miss Megan Rutkowski

As our dance season approaches we wanted to introduce you to the newest members of our danceability teaching staff. Many of you may remember Miss Megan. She was with us in the past and we are thrilled that she is back now! How did you find danceability? Around 2013 Robin had come to UB to speak... Continue Reading →


Behind The Move – Colby Development, LLC

Construction is moving ahead full speed. We are still slated to begin classes the Week of October 1st. Things are happening fast, with major updates each day. We decided to give Project Manager, Colby Smith, a break from all the coordination to talk about the move. ------------------------ Tell us a little about yourself, your role in... Continue Reading →

How To Help danceability…

Time at danceability is always exciting but never more so than now as we prepare for a new season and our move into a brand new studio. Danceability’s new home’s size and what we will be able to offer our dancers, our families, our volunteers and our teachers is just incredible. And like every new... Continue Reading →

Meet Miss Danielle Giroux

Miss Danielle Giroux is one of our new teachers for the upcoming dance year, but she isn't new to danceability. Danielle has been a classroom volunteer and decided to make the transition to instructor this year. How did you find danceability? I stumbled upon danceability my sophomore year of high school while looking for a place to complete... Continue Reading →

10 NEW Things for our NEW studio

5000 square feet! Our new space is going to be almost 2.5 times what our current space is. With all that additional space you might be wondering what is going to be NEW and different... 1.) A third studio - A third studio will give us the flexibility to add classes, new programs and more. Plus,... Continue Reading →

The Family Reimbursement Program 

Many of our dancers are eligible to receive service coordination through a social service agency such a People Inc., Aspire etc.  One of the benefits of having a Service Coordinator for your dancer is that this person is tasked with helping your family navigate the sometimes confusing road to various government and social service agencies that... Continue Reading →

Volunteer Spotlight: Michele Sprada

As National Volunteer Week gets close to wrapping up, we wanted to share another incredible volunteer with you. Meet Michele Sprada. Michele has been with us for a few years and is always ready to jump in where needed. We asked Michele about her danceability experience, and here's what she had to say: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why... Continue Reading →

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