How To Help danceability…

Time at danceability is always exciting but never more so than now as we prepare for a new season and our move into a brand new studio.

Danceability’s new home’s size and what we will be able to offer our dancers, our families, our volunteers and our teachers is just incredible. And like every new adventure, there is a cost and that’s where we are counting on you.

Here are some of the ways you can continue to support danceability:

Donor & Volunteer Melanie Koch

1.) We have a capital campaign going on right now. You should have received the information via mail.  If you are one of the over 150+ people who have donated so far, thank you so much for your generosity. If daily life has gotten in the way, please consider doing so NOW.

Donor Melanie Koch said, “As a volunteer,  I see firsthand the joy and excitement dance brings our students and their families. I donated to the danceability campaign to help the program grow and to be able to share the joy of dance with even more students!”

2.) Another NEW way that you can help throughout the year is by sponsoring a party at your house.  Here’s how it works:
– You decide on a date, time, theme and guest list.
– Danceability’s Marketing Team will design and produce the invites after understanding your vision. They will also create a Party Planner document, Excel spreadsheet and copies of reminder notes and thank you’s after talking to you and will help you plan the event.
Danceability will provide the invitations, you will provide the food and beverage.

Mary Beth Debus, President of danceability’s Board of Directors, held a very successful party in August. “I was nervous about inviting people to a party where I would be also fundraising. I pushed myself to invite people outside of my close circle of friends – and I was thrilled with the positive response! I found that people were honored to be included! And it made the party more fun because there was such a diverse group of people. My guests gave varying amounts (based on their own situation and comfort) which raised over $1,100 for our Next Steps Campaign. And just as important, danceability gained new friends and supporters who now know, as I do, what a treasure we have in our community!”

3.) Many places of employment have fundraisers. Perhaps yours does. We encourage you to check out the possibilities and let us know if you need us to follow up.united-way
A few examples are:
– Dress Down Day where employees need to donate in order to wear jeans to work
– Asking colleagues to indicate on their United Way donation form that the money is to go to danceability (our donor number is 5363)
Holding an event with donations earmarked to danceability
– Seeing if your employer makes an in-kind or financial donation based on the number of hours you volunteer.  Many companies do this but don’t always make it public. Ask your Human Resource Department or check your business website.
School Department Fundraisers – some high school clubs or College departments host fundraisers that then donate money; ask administrators or advisers about opportunities.


Our volunteers help our dancers shine onstage each May!

4.) Perhaps what is most exciting about the move into our new studio is the opportunity to provide the danceability experience to more of our special needs community. And that leads to a greater need for volunteers.

If you, or someone you know, is 16+ years old please consider volunteering. Our Executive Director, Robin Bishop, will work with you so that you are at a time and day that is best for you.  She also does an incredible job at pairing the dancer and the volunteer. You can do one class (45 minutes) one time a week or four classes four times a week. It is your decision. Classes start the first week of October and end the middle of May, right after the Recital.

This is what Eric Leonberger, one of our volunteers has to say. “I became a volunteer this summer and love it. These dancers will brighten your day every week.”

We look forward to another exciting year and your continued support of danceability.


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