Meet Miss Danielle Giroux

Miss Danielle Giroux is one of our new teachers for the upcoming dance year, but she isn’t new to danceability. Danielle has been a classroom volunteer and decided to make the transition to instructor this year.

image1 (1)How did you find danceability?
I stumbled upon danceability my sophomore year of high school while looking for a place to complete National Honor Society hours. One of my close friends had volunteered there the previous year and encouraged me to try it out for myself. Once I stepped foot in the studio, there was no way I was going to be leaving anytime soon! 

Why did you decide you wanted to teach here?
I decided that I wanted to transition from a volunteering position to an instructor position in order to gain more experience working with those who have diverse, individual needs. It is extremely rewarding knowing that as an instructor you have the ability to make a positive impact on the lives of those around you each and every week. 

How long have you been dancing/where?
I took dance classes for fifteen years at Lancaster Dance Center. At that studio, I took part in numerous styles including tap, jazz, ballet, pointe, lyrical, and modern. I’ve also been a specialty dancer in several musical productions throughout my elementary, middle, and high school years.

What is your favorite kind of dance? Why?
My favorite kind of dance has always been tap. I love how something as simple as tapping your toe as opposed to your heel creates a brand new sound. Creating rhythms and pulling out the hidden beats within music is such a unique and exciting experience. 

What is your favorite dance memory growing up?image2 (1)
My favorite dance memory growing up was spending every Tuesday and Thursday night with a group of incredible individuals who loved to express themselves through movement. While our dance classes were often filled with more laughter than practice, being surrounded by friends who supported each other in the hardest of times held such a special place in my heart and still does to this day. I’m so thankful for dance and the friendships it creates while encouraging self-expression.

What are you most looking forward to this coming dance year?
This year, I am most looking forward to meeting new dancers and providing an opportunity for dancers, volunteers, and myself to be challenged. Being a first year instructor, I know that this position will not be easy at times. However, I am beyond excited for the adventure that lies ahead and the amazing individuals I’ll have the opportunity to meet!

What do you love to do (outside of dancing) for fun?
Outside of dancing, I love to spend time with family and friends, play mini golf, read classic books, and eat lots of ice cream! 

IMG_9846What can our dancers/families expect from you/your classes?
In my classes, dancers and their volunteers can always expect to have a smile on their face from the minute they walk through the door until the minute they leave the studio. It is my hope that my dancers will express themselves in ways that words cannot and that they feel comfortable in doing so. For families and group home staff, open communication will always be top priority along with the safety and individual care of each and every dancer. Having fun, playing great music, and promoting positive self-expression are going to be the key goals within my classes! 

We are thrilled to add Miss Danielle to our teaching staff. Make sure you give her a big, warm danceability welcome this fall when classes begin.


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