10 NEW Things for our NEW studio

5000 square feet!

Our new space is going to be almost 2.5 times what our current space is. With all that additional space you might be wondering what is going to be NEW and different…

5b5612a0a9ed5_900x6001.) A third studio – A third studio will give us the flexibility to add classes, new programs and more. Plus, one of the three studios will be considerably larger than our current “big” studio and will include new equipment designed for the special needs community.

2.) Speaking of new programs – Fitness Frenzy is not just a summer program anymore! On Mondays at 7:00pm we will once again offer Fitness Frenzy for two ten week sessions. Fall programming will begin in November.

3.) A designated sensory waiting area for our dancers and families with sensory needs.

4.) Three Offices – if you ever popped your head into our current studio, you probably found it overflowing with a lot of this and a LOT of that. Our one office was shared by 12 people. Now we can split up office space and give our staff and teachers a better environment to work in!

5.) A costume closet – A designated costume area so we don’t have to store them in a 5b561288cf7e5_900x600pop-up closet in the bathroom anymore!

6.) A much larger, more comfortable waiting area for our families, care givers and volunteers.

7.) A multi-purpose room for meetings and more.

8.) An extra accessible bathroom

9.) New teachers – Welcome Miss Megan Rutowski & Miss Danielle Giroux (stay tuned for upcoming blog posts to get to know them)

10.) New dancers & volunteers – We are so excited that we will be able to offer our programs to even more dancers. That will mean we will need even MORE volunteers.

We just hit $90,000 raised to support this move, but we still need YOU!
Please consider donating to our “The Next Step” capital campaign to help fund these projects.

A HUGE thank you to our 140+ donors to date. Your support is amazing!

Here’s a look at the full blueprint of our new space!

7-30-18 Danceability-page-001


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