Volunteer Spotlight: Michele Sprada

As National Volunteer Week gets close to wrapping up, we wanted to share another incredible volunteer with you. Meet Michele Sprada. Michele has been with us for a few years and is always ready to jump in where needed.

We asked Michele about her danceability experience, and here’s what she had to say:

Michele – second from the left with some of the other Monday night volunteers

Why did you decide to volunteer at danceability?

I decided to volunteer at danceability because I have always been passionate about dance.  I studied dance for 20 years and danced professionally for years.  After 5 knee surgeries, I can no longer dance much myself, but I love to share my passion for dance with others.  I also have a Master’s degree in special education and I enjoy working with very special individuals.

What is your favorite part of class each week?
My favorite part of class is when the dancers feel proud of their accomplishments.  I love to see the enjoyment on their faces as they accomplish their dancing dreams.

What would you tell potential volunteers about joining?
I would tell volunteers not to underestimate their dancer.  They can do far more than you or they think they can. Do not be afraid to have high expectations and encourage them to try new things.  Make them feel at ease with the movement.

Tell us about your favorite danceability moment to date…
My favorite danceability moment was sharing the experience with my former exchange students from Senegal and Bangladesh, Dija and Fariha last year.  They really enjoyed working with this amazing organization and they learned so much.  Perhaps they will start a local branch of danceability in their home countries!

One other special moment for me….20 years ago, I taught first grade then looped to second grade with my class.  I had a child with Down’s Syndrome in this inclusion class.  I lost track of her after she moved on to middle and high school.  But, last year, we reunited at danceability!  I now look forward to seeing her every week as she is in the class just after the one that I volunteer for.  She is doing so well and it has given me so much joy to be back in touch with her.

As danceability celebrates its 10th Anniversary, what is your hope for danceability for the next ten years?
I hope danceability will continue to bring joy into the lives of all sorts of people with varying abilities and continue to create meaningful connections between dancers and their volunteers.

Thank you Michele and all our amazing volunteers. We can’t do it without you.
If you want to support our volunteers, many are currently raising money to support our 10th Annual Performances.DONATE NOW


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