Student Spotlight: Amy Zelasko

Here's a picture of Amy (right) from our very first year of danceability back in 2007.

Here’s a picture of Amy (right) from our very first year of danceability back in 2007.

Meet Amy Zelasko (and her Mom, Sue). Amy is one of our ten year danceability dancers.  The Zelasko family have all been huge supporters of danceability, supporting us at various fundraisers, attending community events to speak on behalf of danceability and of course watching Amy and her fellow dancers shine onstage each year.

We asked Amy and Sue what their danceability experience has been like. Here’s what they had to say.

Amy: Thank you for dancing with us for the past ten years! What made you join danceability?
I knew Miss Robin from another program. She was my teacher there, and when she opened danceability I had to come along. Many of my friends were also joining danceability so I knew I wanted to be there. Plus, I love Miss Robin 🙂 

Amy: What’s your favorite part of class? Do you have a favorite dance move or type of dance?
My favorite part of class is whenever we learn new dance moves. It’s always great to try something new. My favorite dance move is the shimmy, but I also like hip-hop (even though it’s not Miss Robin’s favorite)!

Amy: Do you have a favorite routine you performed at the Annual Performances?11048680_10154234806407786_7664152516042868547_o
I love all my performance dances, but if I have to only pick one I would pick “Dance of the Hours”. We were sassy ballerina dancers. That year, my cousin Taylor was my volunteer!

Sue: What changes have you seen in Amy since joining the program? How has the program benefited her?
Amy has so much confidence in herself. She is not afraid or shy when it comes to dancing. Because of danceability, and everything she has learned in class, she has been part of the dance ensembles for the Middle School and High School musicals at Cheektowaga Central School – Willy Wonka, Guys & Dolls, Wizard of Oz, High School Musical, and this year Bye, Bye Birdie. 

Sue: Explain how you feel when you see Amy in class or performing on stage.
I tear up just thinking about how proud I am of her (and all the dancers). I think the entire audience looks forward to seeing the routine that her class will be doing. I may be bias, but I think her class always has the best routine!

Amy and her class before the 2014 Annual Performances

Amy and her class before the 2014 Annual Performances

Amy: What are you looking forward to in class this year?
I am looking forward to being part of the “Cheers to 10 Years” Gala in April and of course the Annual Performances. I can’t wait to learn our new routine for the show.

Sue: What would you tell other parents/families who are thinking about enrolling their child in the program at danceability?
I would tell other parents/families, don’t think, just get your child enrolled! Besides the child learning different dancers, they make friends forever. So do the parents. Our group of parents sit in the waiting room, we talk, we laugh, we cry. It is therapy for us. We share ideas of things that work or may not work if our child is having a problem with something.
 Amy: What would you tell other potential dancers about why they should join danceability?
Danceability is a fun place! You make friends, you learn new moves and the volunteers are great. 

Thank you to the Zelasko Family for being such a big part of our danceability family! We are lucky to have so many dancers who have been with us since the start.

And since the cat is out of the bag, we are adding an event in 2017 – our “Cheers to 10 Years” Gala on Saturday, April 22nd.

The event will feature very special performances from many of our ten year dancers. More information will be out in the next few weeks, but save the date!

Definitely don’t forge to put Saturday, May 13th on your calendar. That is the day of our 10th Annual Performances. Showtimes, location and ticket information will be out in March!

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