Student Spotlight: Sabrina Schuster

Many of our dancers have been with us for a while. Over 30 have been with us for all ten years! Today, we are featuring dancer Sabrina Schuster, who is one of those ten year dancers. We asked Sabrina and her Mom, Patrice some questions about their experience with danceability so far.
Here’s what they had to say!
Sabrina striking a great pose in the orange!

Sabrina striking a great pose in the orange!

Sabrina: Why did you join danceability? What’s your favorite part of class?
I joined danceability because I love listening to music and dancing.  My friend Jamie and I danced with Mrs. Christine before and followed her when she opened danceability in 2007.  She is a great teacher. My favorite part of class is dancing with my team and volunteer.  I like tap because I like the tap shoes and I also like going barefoot when we dance freestyle. I love coming to danceability because it is fun and I like learning the dance we perform in May. I love being onstage!!

Sabrina: Which Annual Performance routine has been your favorite?
I cannot choose! Each one has been my favorite. I loved wearing all the different costumes and dancing to new steps with each song.

Sabrina: What would you tell potential dancers about joining danceability?

I would tell potential dancers to join danceability because it is a great time being with your friends where you can listen and dance to music each week. Plus, you can watch yourself practice in the big mirror!

Patrice: What changes have you seen in Sabrina since joining danceability?
Sabrina has definitely improved her coordination over the years due to dancing.  She has amazed us on her ability to remember the dance steps when performing at the May Annual Performance.  She loves coming and telling everyone she is a dancer.

Patrice: What has been your favorite part of being a part of the danceability family?
I enjoy bringing Sabrina to danceability to sit and relax with the other moms whose daughters are also in the class.  We have become good friends and share any latest news that would benefit us and our children whether it be medical related or disability services related.

Patrice: What would you tell parents/guardians who are thinking about enrolliong their son/daughter at danceability?
We would tell any parents who are thinking about enrolling their child in danceability to do it.  Dance is an integral outlet for our children to express themselves in a way that is liberating of any constraints while enjoying listening to music.  Your child will make new friends in their classmates and volunteers.

BOTH: It is danceability’s 10th year – what do you wish for danceability in the next ten years?
We hope over the next ten years that danceability will continue to be bigger and better.  Every year that has passed since danceability’s inception, we have seen the program sign new dancers and get new volunteers to help our children.  The recital in May is looking more polished every year.  I hope more opportunities will be available for the dancers in the future to showcase their talent outside the studio to promote danceability and themselves

BOTH: What is your favorite danceability memory to date?
There have been so many wonderful memories within my family as well as extended family members.  I would say the one memory that meant a lot to Sabrina as well as my husband and I, was at one recital when Sabrina had a misstep with the routine.  Sabrina felt terrible. Mrs. Christine allowed Sabrina to go back on stage and master the step.  Sabrina felt so terrific,  as did we.  That action by Mrs. Christine said right there that the entire reason for having a dance studio for children and adults with disabilities is to showcase their “ABILITIES.”

We are so lucky to have Sabrina and her family as a part of our danceability family! Being a strong family atmosphere is exactly what Miss Robin & Miss Christine had in mind when they started danceability back in 2007, and it’s great to see our family continue to grow and become stronger each year. We can’t wait to see what moves Sabrina will bring to the stage in May. One thing is for sure, she will have that big beautiful smile on her face (and so will we)!

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