Volunteer Spotlight: Tiffany Sams

This month, we are back with another volunteer spotlight featuring Tiffany Sams. Tiffany has been with danceability for seven years and has enjoyed working with a number of dancers throughout her time here. Get to know more about Tiffany’s volunteer experience, and what keeps her coming back each year!

Tiffany and dancer Matty in class

Tiffany and dancer Matty in class

Why did you decide to volunteer?

When I was in high school I needed volunteer hours to graduate. I’d always loved dancing and went online to see if i could find somewhere to volunteer that I was really passionate about. I stumbled across danceability looking for volunteers and began volunteering about half way through the year and just came back every year after. It’s a great experience, fun and very rewarding getting to watch my dancers grow.

What is your favorite part of class?

My favorite parts of class are getting to watch the dancers free style to their own beats and really express themselves with no worries. I also really enjoy the recital dances when we begin them each year. 


A little free style time in class with pom poms!

What would you tell potential volunteers about joining danceability?

I would tell potential volunteers to honestly think about it as it can be challenging sometimes. You need patience. But, I would also say it’s the best time and doesn’t ever feel like work if you really enjoy it. I always talk about danceability when people talk about volunteer work!

What is your favorite danceability memory to date?

It’s honestly really hard to pick one memory, but some of my best are with the group of boys I’ve been with all but 1 year I’ve been here. Matt, Daniel, Patrick, and Paul, and recently, our 2 new dancers Adam and Andrew. Those boys have grown so much and are always so happy to see me and that’s some of the best feelings I’ve ever had. Every year Matt and myself joke and talk and dance together and he always had the biggest smile when we get going. One thing I always mention is the time he told me my pants were dirty and needed to be thrown out all because I had some cat hair on them. It makes everyone laugh every time. 

Danceability is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary this year – what is your wish for danceability for the next ten years?

My wish for danceability is that they keep going another 10, 20, 30+ years. Expand and show the world what the power of dance and patience can do for not only any child or adult with a disability, but anyone who loves to have fun and meet new people. 

Our volunteers never stop amazing us with their dedication, heart and spirit! Thank you Tiffany, and all our volunteers for your outstanding support of our program. Our dancers love you as much as we do!


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