10 Big danceability Moments

We are back with another “Top 10” list.

This month we travel through the past ten years to highlight some of the biggest (and most important) moments in danceability history.

Miss Robin & Miss Christine receiving the 2015 Rising Star SPARK Award

Miss Robin & Miss Christine receiving the 2015 Rising Star SPARK Award

10 BIG danceability Moments

1.The list HAS to start with September 2007, when our students walked through the doors for the first time, in a smaller studio just a little ways down the plaza from where we currently are. 60 dancers registered that first year, and we are thrilled to say we have more than doubled in ten years and reached hundreds of dancers!

2. Danceability was able to support a full-time Executive Director at the beginning of year four! Miss Robin currently remains the only full-time staff member, but we have been fortunate to hire two additional part-time staff members (with plans to add more in the future!).

3. We danced on over to our new studios in September 2011. The new studio spaces allow for us to serve more dancers and have a bigger waiting room for our families and more office space (though we will probably outgrow our current space soon!).

4. We were so fortunate to receive a grant from the Children’s Guild Foundation to support our Sensory Studio in 2011. The Sensory Studio was designed with those dancers in mind who have sensory needs. The grant allowed us to create the space and purchase equipment targeted at those with sensory needs. It has been such a great addition to our organization.

The Sensory Studio opened in 2011

The Sensory Studio opened in 2011

5. We added in fitness classes along the way in addition to our regular dance programming and our summer classes. The fitness classes are currently just offered in the summer, but have been a great way for some of our current dancers, and others in the community to get in a great workout!

6. In November 2014, danceability received some national press! We were featured in the magazine Dance Studio Life. Check it out HERE.

7. In May 2015, danceability was honored to receive the Rising Star SPARK Award from the Arts Service Initiative of Western New York! It was such a wonderful surprise for our small organization.

8. In early 2016, Miss Robin & Miss Christine were selected as “Making a Difference” by WNED and WBFO. They were featured on a half hour special and interviewed on the radio.

9. Over the past three dance seasons, 2016 included, we are proud to boast reaching 90+ volunteers each year who work with our dancers. We wouldn’t be able to run the organization without our volunteers, they are truly the most kindhearted people in town!

Fitness classes have been a great addition to our programming!

Fitness classes have been a great addition to our programming!

10. As we started our 10th year, we were able to hire our 10th teacher. 10 teachers is a long way from Miss Robin & Miss Christine handling all the classes back in 2007. What a wonderful testament to their hard work that danceability has been able to grow so much.

We could list so many more “little” moments whether they are just those moments where a dancer masters a step, where they make new friends, or where they absolutely shine on the stage each May during our Annual Performances. We are thankful for the little and big moments that have happened over the past ten years and we look forward to making new memories over the next ten. To celebrate our 10th Anniversary, we have a limited edition line of apparel and merchandise for sale. Orders are due by 10/28 and you can find all the clothing items and order forms in studio.

Cheers to 10 years! We can’t wait to see what big moment will be next!



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