Student Spotlight: Meghan Collins

We have been fortunate to have many dancers (over 30!) who have been with danceability since we started back in 2007. We will be featuring some of our “veteran” dancers on our blog throughout the rest of the year.

This month, we are excited to kick off our dancer features by spotlighting Meghan Collins. Learn more about Meghan’s dance experiences and the positive impact our program has had on her from her mom, Beth.

Beth with her daughter, dancer Meghan!

Beth with her daughter, dancer Meghan!

Why did you join danceability and what is your favorite part of class?
Meghan: I joined danceability because it’s fun and I love to dance!! My favorite part of class is the music, learning new dances, dancing with Mrs. Christine and Bailey my volunteer dance partner! My favorite type of dance is hip hop and my favorite dance move is the kick line! I also liked when Mrs. Christine taught us “the nay nay dance!”

What changes have you seen in Meghan since she joined danceability?

Beth: Meghan is more social, expressive, and self confident since joining danceability! Danceability is like another home for her where she can just be her unique self and to be able to express herself! It’s been fun to not only watch her grow, but also her friends, and all the students!!

Over the past ten years – what has been your favorite dance recital routine? We love seeing you perform!
Meghan: My favorite dance recital routine was “Hit me with your best Shot!” I’m looking forward to learning new dances this year in class. I also want to do some more kickboxing, that was a lot of fun. 

What has it felt like to walk through the danceability studio doors each week, and see Meghan perform onstage each May?

Beth: When I see Meghan in class, I feel happy that she gets to have fun with her friends, Mrs. Christine, and all the volunteers in her class. I love to watch her interactions with everyone and I love to watch her learn new moves and routines! At the recital, I start crying tears of joy as soon as she gets on stage. It’s exciting to see it all come together and also to see the excitement and determination on her face!

What would you tell parents/guardians who are considering enrolling their child at danceability?

Mrs. Christine & Meghan after one danceability performance!

Mrs. Christine & Meghan after one danceability performance!

Beth: I would tell people who are either enrolling or thinking about enrolling their child or adult in danceability that it will be one of the best decisions they will ever make! The pure joy and sense of accomplishment their child or adult will feel is priceless!!

Meghan: I would tell other people to join danceability because it’s fun and you learn new dances and you make good friends! I would also tell them that the teachers and volunteers are really awesome!! I am really lucky to have great people to dance with.


Do you have any great danceability moments or stories you want to share?
Beth: When Meghan had just turned 17, she suddenly became ill. None of the doctors could figure it out despite frequent trips to the ER and doctors office. Meghan didn’t want to eat, which she usually loves to do, and lost 35 lbs in two months and slept all the time. A few weeks before they figured out was wrong, Meghan danced her heart out through TWO danceability recitals!

When the diagnosis of a severe form of lupus with a current raging esophageal infection, I thought back to the recital and thought “how did she do it?” The doctors said her whole body was inflamed with the lupus and infection, yet she went out and danced and never complained. I was reminded of what a brave, determined daughter I have, and how much danceability means to her!! Through all those months, our danceability family was with us, whether it was a phone call or a hospital visit, a kind word and lots of encouragement!!

One of Meghan's many dance photos!

One of Meghan’s many dance photos!

We joined danceability because Robin Bishop and I worked together at Hospice at the time. Robin suggested I enroll Meghan in the new dance program she and Christine were starting. Meghan had danced in a similar program before so I thought, sure – we’d give it a try. That first year it was just her and Mrs. Robin and she loved every minute! Now, TEN years later, she is still having a blast dancing with her friends and I love sitting and talking with “the dance moms,” -an amazing group of women!!

We feel very blessed to be part of the danceability family! Meghan gets to truly express herself and do something she loves! She’s grown so much through the past ten years and we’ve made true, lifelong friends!! Thank you danceability!

We have been fortunate to be a part of Meghan and Beth’s family for ten years and we look forward to seeing what’s next for Meghan.

Stay tuned for another student spotlight in November!


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