Inside Miss Christine Dwyer’s classes

Now that classes are underway and our dancers & volunteers are getting settled in, we wanted to take you inside the classroom to see what goes on in the studio!

We asked Miss Christine Dwyer to walk us through a typical class, give us insight on where she finds her inspiration for her routines and let us know what new things she is trying out in class!

An oldie but a goodie of Miss Christine with dancer Sarah during one of the first years of danceability!

An oldie but a goodie of Miss Christine with dancer Sarah during one of the first years of danceability!

What does a typical class look like?

I always like to get the blood flowing and the heart rate up first in every class.  We do a warm-up that includes standard dance moves like step dig and includes other moves like shaking our hips.  Our warm-up is always followed by a floor stretch.  After that it depends on the time of year but I love introducing my students to all forms of dance and with that try to include a combination.  We always end class with a high five for everyone (volunteers included)!

Do you have favorite songs you play each week in class?
Two years ago it was “Shake it Off.”  This year it’s going to be a Justin Bieber song or Justin Timberlake song.  It’s just something about those Justins! I also throw in some Pit Bull too!

What’s your favorite part of class?
My favorite part of class is teaching a new step because I love seeing my students try their hardest to perfect the step.  They do such a great job and I love seeing their progression and excitement of realizing they got it! 

Where do you get inspiration for combinations you create or the dances for the performances?
My inspirations usually come on my car rides and almost always come from a particular song or music genre.  I also get inspiration from the use of props, like one year I used sunglasses in a combination and then decided to use them for one of the dances I choreographed.

Miss Christine leading a Fitness Frenzy class (offered during the summer)

Miss Christine leading a Fitness Frenzy class (offered during the summer)

What do you hope your dancers get out of class each week?
Plain and simple I hope they have fun and gain a sense of accomplishment! 

What has been the most surprising thing you have learned since teaching at danceability?
I set the bar high and my dancers reach it! 

How has your teaching style changed or morphed over the past ten years?
I feel that I have become even more creative over the past ten years. I feel my modifications have become stronger and classes are now more cohesive with the steps I teach and the combinations I create.

Are there new dance trends now that you experiment with that you didn’t when danceability was just starting out?
Not so much a trend but a style.  I am by no means a hip hop dancer, but I do try to dabble in it for my students’ sake! 

We are always open to having guests observe our classes to see what goes on firsthand. If you would like to set up a time to observe a class, please contact us at 716-651-0094 or by email at


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