10 Things You Didn’t Know About danceability

It’s time to officially kick off our 10th year!
Dancers have registered for classes (there is still time to join a class)!
Volunteers are being slotted in (we can always use more, though)!
In a few weeks classes will be running and away we will go.

As we look back on our past ten years, we will offer a monthly blog feature – “Top 10” lists. Everything from costumes to dances to donors and much more, we will be recapping ten years and looking forward to what is next.

To kick off our Top 10 lists, we thought we’d share 10 things you might not know about danceability.



Miss Christine & Miss Robin with their original copy of Nonprofits for Dummies!

1. Our name is a dictionary definition by design; word, part of speech, definition
Danceability, noun, to empower through movement

2. Danceability is always written in lowercase letters and italicized (unless it starts a sentence, then it’s capitalized)

3. At our very first registration, Miss Robin & Miss Christine forgot to turn on the electricity and did registration by lantern!

4. To begin danceability, Miss Robin & Miss Christine used Nonprofits for Dummies to help them get off the ground!

5. To get enough money for the deposit on the space, Miss Robin & Miss Christine wrote letters to friends and family members asking for a $5 donation (this was before GoFundMe and Crowdrise were around)!

6. Miss Robin & Miss Christine ran the studio for the first two years as volunteers.

7. Miss Robin became the first and only current full-time employee starting in year four!

8. The larger studio is dedicated to Miss Christine’s parents.

9. Miss Christine picked out the famous, danceability purple color and Miss Robin picked out the studio colors.

10. All of the instructors at danceability are college educated – and have backgrounds in teaching, physical therapy, social work and more!

Stay tuned for another “Top 10” list in October and check out our Facebook and Twitter pages regularly for more 10th Anniversary features. We will be using the #DecadeOfDance!


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