Inside Miss Kayleigh’s classes

IMG_4379We are back with another chance to go inside the studio with one of our new teachers, Miss Kayleigh! Learn about her transition from volunteer to teacher and hear how her performances dances are coming along!
What age levels do you teach?
My dancers are age 18 and up! I teach two classes on Monday evening.  My first class, I was a volunteer with for 4 years before becoming their teacher, so it has been really fun watching them grow over the past 5 years!  They are the sweetest girls.  My second is a new class of four ladies, two of whom are brand new to danceability.  They all have such great personalities; we have a lot of fun!
What does a typical class look like? 
The first half of the year we warm up and stretch, and then try out some new dance steps!  Whether it is a jazz or tap combination, freestyle dancing, using the exercise balls, combinations at the barre or working across the floor, class is filled with fun dance movements that help the students step outside their comfort zone and grow as dancers.
Now that the recital is getting closer, we start off with a warm up and stretch, and then work on our dance!  Whether it is adding on new steps, or reviewing and practicing the whole dance, we are working to be ready for the Annual Performance in May!
Do you have favorite songs you play each week in class?IMG_4372
In my first class, we love warming up to “Shake It” by Metro Station.  The girl’s smiles during that song are my favorite.  Other than that, I try to change it up by playing different fun pop songs that get the girls dancing and moving.       
The Whip/Nae Nae and Wobble are definitely favorites in my second class, I’m pretty sure they would dance to those songs all class if I let them!  They all like different types of music, from rock and roll to Beyonce, so it is always fun putting a playlist together.
What’s your favorite part of class?
I enjoy every moment spent with my dancers and volunteers.  They all bring something special to the class and are a true joy to be around.  I love seeing the dancers accomplish something they have been working hard towards.  We share a lot of smiles and laughs and have a lot of fun along the way!  I also really love to see the bonds formed between dancers and their volunteers.  Its something really special being part of the danceability family and it makes this an organization unlike any other.
How are performance practices coming along? 

 Great!  I am really excited about the songs and dances this year, and can’t wait to see everything come together.  My dancers really seem to love them and are looking forward to the Performance in May!

Where do you get inspiration for combinations you create or the dances for the performances?
Inspiration for combinations really comes from my dancers.  I think about what makes them happy, what they love to do and what new things they can conquer and let that be my guide when choreographing.  I also teach them steps and combinations throughout the year that will eventually be put into their performance. I still volunteer with Miss Christine on Mondays- Her guidance and watching her teach has been incredibly helpful as well.

IMG_4383What do you hope your dancers get out of class each week?
I hope they leave my class having learned something new or having conquered a step/combination that they have been working on.  I like to keep them smiling, having fun and looking forward to coming back the following week.  I love dancing and hope they feel that in each class I teach.


We are thrilled to have Miss Kayleigh on our teaching staff this year and think you will love her Annual Performance routines. Don’t forget to join us on May 7th for our 9th Annual Performances. Showtimes are at 1pm & 6pm. Get all the information, HERE!


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