Inside Miss Megan’s classes

Now that our new danceability instructors have had a handful of months under their belts, we reached out to them to see what’s going on inside their classes. This month, check out what has been going on inside Miss Megan’s classes and how she has enjoyed the transition from classroom volunteer to dance teacher!
image1What age levels do you teach?
I teach ages from 5 to mid 50’s!  I have two classes on Monday night, my first class is a group of adorable and hardworking little girls.  My second class is a very energetic and silly group of boys. Wednesday nights I co-teach with Miss Kylie!  We teach a little girl and then a group of older women!

What does a typical class look like?
With my little girls on Mondays we start out with lotion/brushing and some stretching and yoga!  We must have obstacle course, free dance and a directional song.  The rest of the time I change depending on what I want to work on.  Some days we bounce on balls, other days we shake maracas or even play follow the leader with animals on our heads to help our posture (thanks Miss Robin for the idea!).  With my boys on Mondays we start with obstacle course and deep pressure to get our energy focused on class.  It helps give them time to transition into class.  We also stretch and do yoga as well as a directional song.  We will also play musical instruments or bounce on balls.  At the end of both classes we take time to relax in front of the bubble lamp!  On Wednesdays Kylie and I let Alex take plenty of breaks in her body sock.  During class we walk on stepping stones, jump on the trampoline, play the drums and bounce on balls!  We finish class with lotion and a juice box!  With our older ladies, Kylie and I start with a stretch and warm-up our arms with resistance bands.  We regularly bounce on balls where we let the dancers create their own moves.  We also always do a free dance!  Then we will learn and work on a combination in class (or learn our dance for the recital!).

Do you have favorite songs you play each week in class?

On Mondays we must end class with the “Goldfish Song”.  Some of our other favorites include “Animal Action”, “Let It Go” and the hip-hop version of “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes”.  On Wednesdays our ladies go with the flow but if we put on a song they like, you’ll know!

What’s your favorite part of class?
My favorite part of class is the smiles and the giggles from my students!  I have loved watching my dancers grow throughout the year and to see their excitement as they enter class each week!image7

How are performance practices coming along?
Very well!  We have started our dances in all of my class and the students seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves!  I can’t wait to see how the can inspire me for some new moves!

Where do you get inspiration for combinations you create or the dances for the performances?
In many cases my dancers have inspired me!  During the beginning of the year I would play around with music to see what they liked or even disliked.  Once I found a song that really brought out the best in them as dancers I knew I had a winner for the performance!  I think the songs I have chosen definitely speak to their personalities!  With my Wednesday ladies it is great that Kylie and I get to bounce ideas and choreography off each other.

What do you hope your dancers get out of class each week?

I think each of my dancers gets something different out of class each week.  I try to mold my classes so that the dancers can get what they need.  Whether that is socializing with peers, sensory input or improving dance skills.  At the end of the year, each dancer will walk away from the performance having improved on something different and that is perfectly fine with me!

What has been the most surprising thing you have learned since teaching at danceability?
I think the thing that surprised me the most since starting teaching at danceability has been how much my students can teach and inspire me.  As a teacher you can walk into a class and have a plan in place but there often are times when my dancers bust out a new move or say something to inspire a new activity or one we haven’t done in a while.  It is fair to say each week I walk out of the studio having learned something from my dancers.  However, I shouldn’t be surprised by this; dancers are an inspiring group of people after all!

How has the transition from volunteer to teacher been
I have LOVED becoming a teacher!  I love that I can learn so much from my students.  I love testing myself with new ideas for activities or choreography.  I also love that I still am a volunteer on Thursday’s so I am still learning and taking mental notes during Miss Robin’s class on new activities, things I could improve on as a teacher or different ways of approaching my teaching and explaining things.
What a great story! We are thrilled to have Miss Megan on as a teacher this year and are looking forward to seeing her dances this May at our Annual Performances.
Stay tuned for another look inside the studio with Miss Kayleigh next month!

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