Behind the scenes of the volunteer dance…


Jaimie going over choreography for this year’s volunteer dance!

For the third year in a row, our volunteers get their chance to shine onstage with our volunteer dance. Danceability volunteer and choreographer, Jaimie Harris suggested the volunteer dance to Miss Robin & Miss Christine three years ago as something fun for the volunteers. It has turned into a great way to meet and get to know other volunteers while learning a fun routine. It’s been a crowd pleaser during the performances as well!

For our volunteers, it’s a chance to push themselves to learn new choreography and meet other volunteers who they don’t normally work with. Rehearsals are already under way; in fact the volunteers have learned all the steps, now it’s just focusing on positioning and mastering all the steps. The energy in the room has been great – and what’s even better, it’s a dance that spans all levels of dance experience. From those who don’t consider themselves “dancers” to our experienced dancers, it’s a great mix of steps and choreography to allow everyone to shine!

This year’s volunteer dance is to the song “Verge” by Owl City. “The song is about those amazing adventures that lie ahead in the future. It’s about those little moments you find yourself in, how hard you’ve worked to get there, and all the exciting things to come up ahead.” Jaimie said. For Jaimie, the choreography process started a while ago, and takes a lot of time to get the steps and formations just right. “I listen to the song about 100 times, over and over. One time I may be listening to certain undertones/beats in the music, the next time I focus on the lyrics, or sometimes I just dance around while the song is playing and the choreography forms from that! It’s always great to see the final product develop!”

Some of our volunteers after rehearsal!

Some of our volunteers after rehearsal!

Our volunteers will continue to master the steps over the next couple months and will be performing in both performances on Saturday, May 7th! We hope you will join us and cheer on our volunteers (and all our dancers) as they get their moment to shine!

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