Volunteer Spotlight: Diane Klein

Diane and her dance partner (on the far right)

Diane and her dance partner (on the far right)

Happy New Year to all our readers! We are back with new blogs in 2016 and look forward to featuring more dancers, volunteers and stories! Our first post of the new year is a Volunteer Spotlight of Diane Klein. Learn more about Diane’s danceability story below!


Why did you decide to volunteer at danceability?

My entire professional life, I taught and worked with children.  Although I love retirement, I missed the interaction with the children greatly.  And then I heard about danceability.  Danceability gives me the opportunity to do what I love for an organization that brings joy and purpose to so many people.

What is your favorite part of class?

It is hard to identify a favorite part of class.  At the beginning of class, it would be watching the student’s faces light up when they see their classmates, hear the music and start their dance movements.  During the class it is seeing their reactions when they have learned a new dance step or hear their recital song.  At the end of class, it is seeing the look of accomplishment and happiness they have.

What is your favorite song or activity in class?

My favorite activity would have to be the free dance especially when the dancer leaves her/his volunteer to go dance with a friend.  It is so touching.   

What would you tell potential volunteers about joining the danceability team?

Diane and her dancers (top left) performing in the 2015 Annual Performances!

Diane and her dancers (top left) performing in the 2015 Annual Performances!

Do it!  When I first read about danceability I was intrigued.  I was looking for a place where I could interact with children.  I enjoy music and dance.   I thought maybe this is something I could do, but I can’t dance. I kept the information for months and did nothing.  Fortunately, I met one of danceability’s instructors.  She encouraged me to volunteer even after I told her my reservations – I had never taken a dance class in my life.  I decided to give it a try.  It was one of the best decisions I ever made.  Being part of danceability is emotionally uplifting and energizing and it allows me to be part of something that is so important to so many children, adults and families.  If you still are not sure, come to a class.  I am confident you will be signing up by the time class is over.  

What is your favorite danceability memory so far?

Attending my first dance recital with my two dancers. They knew they had done a great job and were so excited. It was written all over their and their parents  faces how proud they were of their accomplishments.  They could have kept on dancing!  


In addition to volunteering in the classroom, Diane has helped in the office, making costumes and so much more! If volunteering in the classroom isn’t something you feel comfortable with, we have plenty of other opportunities for you to try. From joining a committee to helping with data entry and other office work, there is something for everyone!

Thanks to Diane, and all our volunteers for an amazing 2015. We can’t wait to see what is next for each of you!


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