Last Minute Holiday Shopping Ideas

Parents have often asked us what kind of fun things we use in class in order to get ideas for birthday and Christmas presents. So, for you last minute shoppers out there, looking to round out your holiday shopping this week, we compiled a list of some fan favorites that the music and dance lover in your family might enjoy! We included a link to one site that you can purchase the items from, but most can be purchased from various stores and online.



This toy is designed for the creative imagination. Kids can twirl, climb, wear or transform the bilibo into whatever their imaginations wants it to be. Comes in a variety of colors and is a favorite of many of our younger dancers during obstacle course time!



bodysockBody Sock

Great for the playful child or the one that needs a sensory retreat, the body sock is a cozy escape from the world. They come in all different colors and are great to stretch and move in and fun to wrap up in when you need to take a breath! Great for children of all ages.


kidsinmotionGreg & Steve – Kids in Motion

Filled with of music designed for moving; this super fun cd has kids favorites like “Animal Action”, “Freeze Dance” & “Body Rock” – all songs that are regulars on our danceability playlists. No matter the age, it’s great for the whole family to enjoy together!



Bounce, bounce, bounce the day away or use it to workout. There is a ball for ever age.

Balls can also be purchased at sport/fitness shop and online stores like School Specialty. Pick an upbeat song and bounce, clap, and create your own movements on the ball. They are also great for stretching on the floor.


lightuppufferballLight up Puffer Ball

The game of catch is re-invented with this sensory ball that lights up when you squeeze it. You can use it for stretching, too!

Kids of all ages (parents too!) and abilities can have fun with this toy.


ribbonstickRibbon Stick

Dance your little heart out with a ribbon stick.

Ribbon sticks are a great way to release your creative expression and move fully & freely.



trampolineLittle Tikes Trampoline

Jump to your heart’s content in a safe way.





Whatever gift you choose; anything that keeps your loved one moving and grooving is a the right way to have a HOLLY JOLLY holiday season. Happy shopping! We wish you all a wonderful holiday break. We will be back after the New Year!


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