Volunteer Spotlight: Paul Webster


Paul with Miss Elissa

This month’s volunteer spotlight is Paul Webster. This is Paul’s second year volunteering and this year he volunteers on two nights with two of our male dancers Al and Dan.

Paul already had a special connection to danceability before joining as a volunteer; he is Miss Elissa’s Dad. He joins Miss Elissa in the studio on Tuesday nights!

Miss Elissa told us, “My childhood was split between dance and softball. My dad was definitely a trooper, sitting through over 20 years of seemingly never ending dance recitals. But I know, his heart was truly on the field coaching me or cheering me on. Now, the tables have turned and my dad has joined me in the dance studio! I love that my dad is experiencing the happiness that dance brings and I know that he genuinely enjoys spreading this joy through volunteering. I know that his dancers are having a blast and that they are benefiting from his guidance as I have throughout my life!”


We asked Paul about his danceability experience and here’s what he had to say!

 Why did you decide to volunteer at danceability?

I decided to volunteer after seeing my three girls (one of them our Miss Elissa) dance for 19 years. I came to see Elissa peform in the danceability Annual Performance and saw that the danceability dancers were having just as much fun, so I decided to help.

What is your favorite part of class?

Paul, second from the right performing in the 2015 Annual Performances with dancer Al (far right).

Paul, second from the right performing in the 2015 Annual Performances with dancer Al (far right).

My favorite activity is the balls.  Everyone enjoys bouncing and drumming.

What would you tell potential volunteers about joining the danceability family?
I would tell new volunteers that it is very rewarding and performing is a blast!

What is your favorite danceability memory?
My best dance memory is when I happened to sit next to Larry, an older blind gentlemen after dance and I heard him say “I love coming here!  We get to dance!

Danceability is all about family for us, and we are so thrilled to have Paul on our team. Thanks to Paul and all our volunteers for your dedication to your dancers each week. Stay tuned for more volunteer spotlights in the new year!

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