We Are Thankful

High five to our danceability community!

High five to our danceability community!

As Thanksgiving approaches, it was so important for us to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of our weekly studio time to remember all we are thankful for this year. What started as a small, two person, volunteer run organization nine years ago, has turned into an incredible journey filled with so many success stories and special memories.

We are still a small organization with limited staff and funding, so we are so grateful for all the support we get.

So today, we say thank you.

THANK YOU to Robin Bishop & Christine Dwyer – for having the vision to start danceability, and giving everything they have to continue to make it as successful as it is today!

THANK YOU to our teachers & staff. Each of our teachers brings so much to our organization. They continually go above and beyond and find creative ways to make sure each student succeeds!

THANK YOU to our Board of Directors. From spearheading fundraising efforts, to helping with marketing efforts and wherever else you are asked to pitch in, you continually guide the organization down the right path.

THANK YOU to our hundreds of volunteers. You give your heart, your time and your energy to ensuring our dancers have a great classroom experience. You sew costumes, help at fundraisers, answer phones, stuff envelopes…the list is endless.


Cheers to YOU, for your support of danceability!

THANK YOU to local foundations. We have been fortunate to receive grants from The Children’s Guild Foundation, The Community Foundation, The Kelly For Kids Foundation & Give for Greatness. Your funding has helped us start new programs, allowed dancers to attend our programs who otherwise couldn’t, and helped us keep our equipment and studio in great shape.

THANK YOU to our donors. From our biggest donor, Health Force, down to donors who contribute to our Annual Appeal, designate a portion of their paycheck through United Way or SEFA, make recurring donations, set up third party fundraisers at their work, donate through our Crowdrise page, attend one of our fundraisers, designate us at Embrace the Difference, AmazonSmile, GoodSearch, etc…etc…etc….each dollar has made a difference. We rely on donations to keep our studio going, and your support always amazes us!

THANK YOU to our social media followers, blog readers & newsletter subscribers! We appreciate all the shares, likes, retweets, comments and replies!

THANK YOU to our families & group home workers. Your presence in our waiting rooms each week, and sharing your children with us is a special gift. You all serve as strong advocates for our program and we appreciate all you say about danceability to help spread the word!

THANK YOU to our dancers. Of course, we wouldn’t be here without you, but the truth is, we are so thankful for you. You inspire us. You make us laugh. You encourage us and bring a smile to our faces each week. We are danceability because of you and we look forward to seeing what is next  for each of you!

We are sure we forgot someone, because the list of community supporters is endless – so THANK YOU, too!


As you sit down to your Thanksgiving meals next week, know that we at danceability will be thinking about your generosity, your smiles, your passion and your determination. Enjoy the time with your family, and know we couldn’t be more thrilled to have you as a part of our danceability family!



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