Shape Up With Fitness Frenzy!

10488177_10153020853887786_3723827065290945350_nDance and movement have always been at the center of what we do at danceability. A few years ago, Miss Christine D., decided it was time to add fitness into our programming. Sure, dancing is good exercise, but Miss Christine wanted to offer a new option, a little more challenging workout, that focused on building strength and working up a sweat. “There was a need for a fitness program for the special needs community and I truly love being fit and working out. Having participated in many different types of fitness programs and absolutely loving them, I thought our dancers would love it too.” Miss Christine D. said.

Through the help of a grant from the Kelly for Kids Foundation, we were able to purchase all the 1553411_10153039158927786_8175556177674893601_onecessary equipment (weights, balls, steps, etc…) and offer scholarships to the first round of participants to get the program off and running. The initial program, which launched over the summer two years ago, was well received, so we brought it back during our regular dance season. Participants have the chance to take part in three, eight week semesters. They can join one, two or all three! Space is limited, and Fitness Frenzy only runs on Monday nights. Participants do not need to be a regular dancer in our program to participate, though many of them are.

The program combines the use of cardio, hand weights, steps, boxing bags/gloves, physio balls and more to keep participants engaged and their heart rates up. Classes utilize many different fitness routines to keep participants motivated and going because they don’t know what’s coming next! Some classes end with participants picking their favorite activity to create a station for everyone else in the class to complete!

1896939_10153084163072786_2285784635256161532_nFor Miss Christine, the first eight minutes of class are her favorite. Each minute, the activity changes to keep the heart rate up and get the blood pumping. After those eight minutes faces are red and everyone has worked up a sweat and is motivated to have a great class! “I love seeing the exhaustion, heavy breathing and red faces with a smile because then I know I’ve done my job!” Miss Christine said.

Fitness Frenzy gives our participants a chance to try a variety of fitness disciplines from weight training to step aerobics, cardio workouts, kickboxing and more. Each activity is done in shorter circuit sessions so you are never doing anything for too long. It keeps the body guessing and provides a really great total body workout.


Our next Fitness Frenzy session starts in January and a few spots remain. If you know someone who may be interested, call the studio at 716-651-0094 or email us at The class is good for those just beginning a fitness program as well as more advanced participants.


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