Welcome Back!

One of our Thursday night classes posing for the camera!

One of our Thursday night classes posing for the camera!

Last Monday we kicked off our dance year!!

We have more dancers than ever before!
We welcomed four new teachers.
We introduced many new volunteers to our danceability family.

It was great to have our waiting room buzzing again with dancers and their families as they caught up on what they did over the summer. Everyone made sure they passed around a lot of hugs and high fives.

For our dancers, it was a chance to let loose again in the studio and meet their new dance buddies and volunteers. Some were shy, some first timers were a little nervous, and our veteran dancers were ready to learn some new moves. By the time their classes were over, they ran out to tell their parents, guardians or group home workers what they did.

For our teachers, it was finally time to put their dance lesson plans they had been working on all summer into action and listen to the new songs they purchased. There were some first day nerves for our teachers, too, especially the new ones – who all shined in their new role.


New teacher Miss Kayleigh with her Monday night class!

The first few weeks are always filled with some trial and error. Dancers are adjusting to a new routine. Teachers are trying different styles out to see what everyone in class enjoys. New volunteers are learning about their dancers and trying out some new dance moves themselves. In the end, it offers a great learning opportunity for everyone – and helps shape the rest of the dance year.

As we continue to grow as an organization, it can often become tough to properly place our dancers in the right class. It is incredibly important to us that we take a lot of thoughtful planning when working out the schedule. We want to make sure we maximize our dancers’ experience by placing them in the right class. Up until the last minute there is always some adjusting to best accommodate our dancers and their families. We are still working through some placements and hope to have those buttoned up soon.

As the year progresses, we look forward to spotlighting more dancers and volunteers and sharing some of our success stories on the blog.

The year will culminate, as it always does, with our Annual Performances. We ask you to already save the date for our Annual Performances, which will be on Saturday, May 7, 2016. More specifics will be coming out in early 2016, so stay tuned for that.

We feel energized & inspired as we start our 9th year serving our dancers across Western New York! Now, back to class….


Dancers Devon, Paul, Hayley and Kaylee on their first day!


We are still in need of some volunteer help in the classroom on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. If you are able to help, or know someone who might, please help us spread the word. You can call the studio at 716-651-0094 or e-mail us at danceabilitywny@gmail.com.


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