Student Spotlight: Sabrina Schuster


As we started classes this week, our dancers smiles lit up our studio. We couldn’t have been more excited to see them back. Like our volunteers, our dancers deserve to be spotlighted for their hard work in the studio. Many have come so far in their time at danceability and have truly grown and excelled each year.


So, let’s kick off this year’s student spotlight with dancer Sabrina Schuster!

Sabrina has been dancing with danceability for 8 years and loves tap dancing. “My favorite type of dance is tap because I like wearing my tap shoes. I also like going barefoot for free-style dancing.” Sabrina told us with a smile on her face.

Sabrina enjoys working with her volunteer, Lindsay. She says it’s her favorite part about coming to class each week. She also looks forward each class to learning new steps for the recital in May.

She encourages others who are thinking about joining danceability to give it a try, “You will have a lot of fun and get to perform on stage at the end. You will make a lot of great friends too.

Miss Christine D. has been working with Sabrina for over 12 years! “Over those years I have seen her master many tap, jazz and hip hop moves with sass and confidence. And in those many years Sabrina had taught me a move or two. One of my new favorite concepts to put into her performance piece is a 16-32 count freestyle! That is where Sabrina’s slunk truly comes out!” Miss Christine said.

Sabrina’s parents have seen Sabrina grow during her time at danceability. Her Mom, Patrice says, “Due IMG_6150to dancing at danceability Sabrina’s stamina and coordination has improved as well as her ability to perform more complex moves each year.”

For parents thinking about giving danceability a try, Patrice says, “Dance is an integral outlet for our children to express themselves in a way that is liberating and free of any constraints while listening to music.  Your child will benefit from the exercise dance provides and have the opportunity for your child to make friends as well as for the parents to connect with other parents. We love danceability as much as Sabrina does! “

Sabrina lights up the dance studio each week, and the stage each May. We can’t wait to see what Sabrina will learn this year.


Stay tuned for more student spotlights throughout the year. Know someone who deserves to be spotlighted? Contact Krystal at to nominate a dancer.


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