Donor Spotlight: Embrace the Difference


The Embrace the Difference logo, created by Robyn Zimmer

Embrace the Difference has been a strong supporter of danceability for the past few years, offering a portion of sales from their great line of jewelry. In addition to their support for danceability, Embrace the Difference supports over 65 charities both locally and nationally. Since their inception, Embrace the Difference has donated over $150,000 to charities, an astounding number, that has made a big impact in Western New York.

Board Chair, Krystal Sondel, had the chance to sit down with Robyn Zimmer, creator of Embrace the Difference to talk about the success of the line and plans for new things down the road!

Q: How did you come up with the concept for Embrace the Difference?

A: The concept was inspired by my son, Sam. I wanted to create a symbol to recognize the differences between us all. It’s really important to me to spread that message. My hope is that the Embrace the Difference symbol will become a universal symbol of acceptance. It’s a reminder that everyone is going through something and we all need to take a moment to step back, take a breath and be kind to one another. 

Q: Your contributions to our organization have made a big impact for our dancers. Our families, teachers, and volunteers love it! What has the feedback been like from the community?

A: I have received so much positive feedback about the line. Everyone loves it, and it’s a testament to our community truly embracing the difference! I’ve found that the smaller organizations, like danceability, have really embraced it and promoted it strong, which has only helped those organizations out!

Q: So what’s next for Embrace the Difference? Do you have any new products coming out?

A: Yes! We have a spring line of bracelets coming out and many more ideas in the works. We will be running a “free gift with every purchase” promotion and GiveBack Day is Saturday, April 25th!

Q: We can’t wait to participate in GiveBack Day. It was such a fun experience last year. GivebackDay0415.PARTICIPATING 1-page-001What is in store for this year’s event?

A: GiveBack Day offers the community a chance to make a BIG impact for the organizations they support. On April 25th, 10% of ANY purchase made at either ReedsJenss location, will be given to the charity of your choice. If you are planning on getting engaged soon, think about how far 10% of an engagement ring purchase would go for an organization! Need Mother’s Day gifts, graduation gifts or birthday gifts? This is a chance to make an impact with your purchase! 

At both locations we will have professional athletes, a clown, free food and more! It’s going to be a fun day, and I hope all your supporters will come out. 


We hope you will stop out on Saturday, April 25th to support danceability! If you need to get a gift, why not get it Saturday? It’s the perfect chance to support danceability without spending more than you already planned to!

We are so fortunate to have women like Robyn Zimmer working in our community to not only recognize the differences we all have, but help support small non-profits like ours.

Thank you to Embrace the Difference for their continued support of our programs. We also want to thank our supporters who have already purchased items in the past (and will in the coming months).


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