Inside Miss Amanda’s classes


Miss Amanda (right) during Tuesday night class with dancer Sammi

You’ve seen our pictures, heard about our great dancers and volunteers, now take a look inside the dance studio to find out exactly what goes on during a danceability dance class. The truth is, every class is a little bit different. Depending on the age of the dancers and their special needs, we are able to tailor classes to suit what our dancers like best. Early in the year we try out different dance styles to see what our dancers enjoy doing the most and take it from there!

We asked Miss Amanda, who teaches on Tuesday nights, to give us a look at some of the things that go on in her classes. Here’s what she had to say:


What They Groove To:
Taylor Swift
Justin Timberlake
Justin Bieber


Scarves are a fun addition to every class!

Miss Amanda is known to throw a little bit of hip hop into her classes. Her dancers are surely moving and grooving to some great beats!

Action/Direction Songs…
The Goldfish song
Animal Action
Head, shoulders, knees & toes

If you have volunteered with danceability, you can probably sing these ones on the spot (and we are sorry if one is now stuck in your head…“lots of little fish…“)

Activities besides dance…
Playing catch to work on coordination
Drumming to the beat of the music
Bouncing on balls

We use scarves and pom poms during our free dances

Our dancers will showcase all they have learned throughout the year at our Annual Performances on Saturday, May 9th. You will get to see some of these activities in action and see all the moves they have learned throughout the year. We hope you will join us.


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