Volunteer Spotlight: D’Anne Frossell

It’s time for another Volunteer Spotlight! This week, we are highlighting D’Anne Frosell. D’Anne has been a volunteer since 2013, and currently works with three of our dancers, Sejal, Molly & Roger on Tuesday nights. Fun fact about D’Anne: She is a sock collector, and currently has over 100 pairs that aren’t matched. She usually sports different socks during her classes, which are always a favorite among the dancers and volunteers.

“D’Anne is an amazing volunteer because she takes the time to really connect with her dancers. She uses her intuition and her caring nature to make sure that her dancers have a fun and safe dance experience. She is truly a huge asset to the danceability family!” Miss Amanda said.

We asked D’Anne about her danceability experience. Here’s what she had to say…


D’Anne with dancer Sejal

Why did you decide to volunteer at danceability?
I first heard about danceability through my summer job at Erie 1 Boces, and immediately looked into volunteering. I had danced for ten years and thought it sounded like a combination of two of my passions: working with people with special needs, and maintaining health and joy through dancing.  I even remember when I was in 6th grade we had to right down our dream jobs for an assignment, and the two things that I wanted for my future jobs was to be a Special Education teacher and a dance teacher. So this is a perfect way to live out those dream jobs!

What is your favorite part of class?
At least once in all three of my classes, I see my dancers laugh. Sometimes they laugh continuously, sometimes they only let out a small giggle with a sly smile, but they have laughed every single class this year. And seeing that dancing  makes them smile like that, it makes volunteering to help them dance totally worth it and a true blessing.

What is your favorite activity or song in class?
Since all my classes are so different, I’ll give a favorite for each!
In Sejal’s class I love love love Animal Action. The girls get into it and I can tell that Sejal especially enjoys the movements from it. With Molly, I love bouncing on the balls. It always brings the biggest laughs and smiles. In my class with Roger, our dancers get VERY into the YMCA. Roger sings the song at the top of his lungs, and I can’t stop laughing when he does it. 

What would you tell potential volunteers about joining the danceability team?


D’Anne with dancer Molly

If you’re nervous about the idea of going into a classroom to volunteer, observe a classroom first. It’s a great way to see where you’d be most comfortable in the danceability family. There are many so many opportunities to help! 

Share one great story you experienced while volunteering at danceability
This past summer while I was volunteering in a class with Miss Robin, she put on the song “Let it Go” for the girls in the class to do a free dance with scarves to. Immediately, one girl began singing, and pretty soon, the whole room full of girls was singing! I had to fight back tears the entire song, because that is the power of working with special needs people is that they empower you as much as you empower them!
A big THANK YOU to D’Anne, and all our volunteers for continuing to make a difference in the lives of our dancers.

One thought on “Volunteer Spotlight: D’Anne Frossell

  1. I miss danceability and Molly! Sending warm wishes to an amazing organization from across the ocean. Robin and Christine- your work is inspirational. So honored to have had the opportunity to learn from you both!

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