Celebrate Your Birthday with danceability

photo (1)

Claire blows out the candles at her danceability birthday party

Everyone has a birthday, and everyone deserves to have a great birthday party!
At danceability we decided to begin to offer birthday parties as a way to celebrate through dance.

“There is no one young or old that doesn’t appreciate a birthday party, but most places cater just to kids and not all are equipped to work with those with special needs. At danceability anyone can feel like a kid, have their own “dance party birthday” and be safe while doing it.” Co-Executive Director, Robin Bishop said.

Our new Birthday Party Package includes one hour of dance & games led by a skilled dance instructor & volunteer, followed by an hour in our second studio for food, music, cake and gifts. We provide the paper products, balloons, help with set up/take down and present the birthday girl/boy with a gift. We also work with the dancer and their family to create a playlist tailored to the birthday boy/girl so the party is all about them!


Claire and all her friends celebrating after their dance party!

We kicked off our birthday parties in September and have already hosted two! Birthday girls Claire (who turned 15) and Cathy (who turned 50) enjoyed a great afternoon with their friends, and were smiling from ear to ear getting the chance to be the center of attention for their special day.

At danceability, we will take the hassle out of the party planning, and keep everyone occupied, moving and grooving! Whether you want to dance to musical theater songs like “You Can’t Stop the Beat” or an 80’s hit like “Celebration”, we will tailor to each birthday girl/boy’s needs.

If you are looking for a unique and fun way to celebrate a birthday, consider a danceability birthday party! Various dates and times are available, call our studio at 716-651-0094 or e-mail us at danceability07@yahoo.com to learn more.



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