Student Spotlight – Kayla Katilus

kayla k

Kayla shows off a little sass during dance class!

Kayla Katilus has been dancing for four years. “It is really fun!” Kayla said with a big smile from ear to ear. “I love doing different activities each week with my friends, and every year I make new friends. I love to dance and listen to music, and it’s fun to do this with my friends!”

Since joining danceability, Kayla’s Mom, Stephanie, has noticed the difference it has made. “Kayla’s social skills and self-esteem has increased significantly since she started dancing. Her circle of friends has increased too, and she has met girls that will be lifelong friends!”

Kayla always adds a little flair to each combination Miss Christine D. teaches her, and really enjoys when she is told to “add a little attitude!” She is very outgoing and loves to joke around with her friends, volunteers and teacher!

Her personality and outgoing nature come to life every week when she walks into the studio! “Kayla always comes to class with a compliment for everyone. She always tries her best and does it with a smile on her face.” Miss Christine D. said.

Kayla has shown great growth in her dance skills and continues to try to improve and try new things each week. She loves performing in the danceability Annual Performances in May! “I absolutely love the performances at the end of the dance year!” Kayla’s Mom, Stephanie boasted. “The girls all work so hard and are so pleased to show it off. It is a very heartfelt moment for me.” Stephanie said.

Stephanie encourages potential dancers and their families to check out the program. “The dancer will absolutely love it and so will the parents. The best part of danceability is that it is so much fun for everyone; it’s a win-win!”

Keep up the great work, Kayla! We are so proud of you.

Kayla (in the blue on the trampoline) flexes her muscles in Fitness Frenzy class this summer!

Kayla (in the blue on the trampoline) flexes her muscles in Fitness Frenzy class this summer!


Our dancers are why we do what we do at danceability. We are thrilled to kick off our Student Spotlight series. We will be featuring one student every month who really strives to do their best each week, and has found success by attending our classes. We hope you enjoy these stories! We can’t get enough of them.


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