…And We Are Off!


Two Thursday night classes reunite!

Last week, we officially kicked off our 8th year of serving children and adults with special needs in Western New York! We were thrilled to welcome back many returning dancers, and excited to see over 20 new dancers enter our full year program! We also welcomed back many returning volunteers, and introduced some newbies to our dancers. There were many hugs, smiles, high fives, laughs and a lot of great music and moves as we kicked off!

Danceability parent Cathy said, “My favorite part of last week was all the hugs and squeals when the kids saw each other again.” Parent Melissa added, “I know my daughter is doing what she loves again. It was great to see her class have a little reunion”.

It was impossible not to feel the energy and love that radiated out of the danceability studios each night. As volunteer Julia said, “Only one week in and these kids have brought me so much joy. Every single one is precious.

Dancers Kayla & Bethany pose for a quick shot before their first class of the year!

Dancers Kayla & Bethany pose for a quick shot before their first class of the year!

Our dancers, families and volunteers also had the chance to check out our new waiting room, which we are still putting the finishing touches on. Our new waiting room is filled with great information for our families, highlights many of our generous donors and showcases our dance class photos. Stay tuned for pictures in the coming weeks! A big thank you to Ingram Micro for our updated space.

Our classes are trying out new steps, learning new combinations and Miss Robin is even adding in some hip hop to her classes. Forty five minutes sure goes by fast when you are having fun!

As our dancers settle into their classes, we are also getting ready to kick off our first Fitness Frenzy session of the new year. Classes start up on October 6th. We do have limited availability if you know someone who may be interested. Our Fitness Frenzy class is for students ages 13 and up, and offers a great calorie burning, muscle building workout led by Miss Christine D.

We feel fortunate that we get the chance to watch our dancers grow throughout the year and can’t wait to see what is next for them! Stay tuned next week for our very first student spotlight!

Happy dancing!


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