STAY TUNED: Blog Launch – 9/3/14


We want YOU to follow along with us every Wednesday on our blog!

We are excited to announce that we are launching our blog on Wednesday, September 3rd! From there, we will be posting as many Wednesdays as we can (hopefully weekly!)

Want to follow along?  You can receive each week’s blog in your e-mail inbox by clicking on the “follow” button to the right and signing up!

This blog will feature student and volunteer stories, give parents important information, talk about our upcoming events and highlight generous community donors. Is there a topic you would like to see written about on the blog? E-mail Krystal at and we will do our best to include your ideas in a future post!

Stay tuned for our first post!



2 thoughts on “STAY TUNED: Blog Launch – 9/3/14

  1. What a great idea! One of the things I enjoy the most as a parent is chatting with the girls while we wait for our Dancers. It will be so nice to communicate with the moms (and dads) in the other classes. This communication makes us better parents, better spouses and better advocates!

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